Hey there watch lovers!

Are you tired of feeling like you’re constantly being tracked and analyzed by the technology on your wrist? Say goodbye to all that noise and HELLO to our wooden watches! Our wooden watches bring back the basics of timekeeping and privacy, with no tracking of your personal data.

That’s right, no more snooping around your age, location, health information, spending habits or browser history. Just pure and simple time-telling, with the added bonus of stylish wooden design. With a wooden watch on your wrist, you’ll be telling time in style while keeping your personal information private.

So why not ditch the techy, data-gobbling watches and give wooden watches a try? Trust us, your wrist (and privacy) will thank you!

Learn more about the dangers of smartwatches and your privacy here.

Check out our Wooden watches below. 

BOXA - Wood Watches
The Hawk Wooden Watch
The Hawk Wooden Watch
The Hunter Wooden Watch
The Owl Wood Watch
The Owl - Wooden Watch
The Squirrel Wood Watch
The Squirrel Wooden Watch